Build a Solid Marketing Foundation in 5 Days (or Less!)

Chances are you're here because you want to grow your business but you're stuck when it comes to creating a marketing strategy that will fit your time and budget.  All too often business owners market their business with the "try a little of this" and "a little of that" approach.  In the end they don't see the results they expected, throw up their hands and believe that NOTHING works.  But by creating a solid marketing foundation to build all future marketing strategy on you WILL save time and money in the long run.

This 5-day course was built with these three things in mind:

1. You want actionable steps you can take NOW to improve the performance of your multi-channel marketing (website, email, social media and digital advertising) and your own marketing skills.

2. You have a business to run and while you know that marketing is important, you can't spend hours a day away from your business to learn something new.  This course spreads out what you need to know into small, manageable chunks of time over 5 days.

3. You need the motivation to stay on track and hearing that there is bonus material (like a free resource guide and 1:1 strategy sessions with Another Hand Advantage Founder, Jacqueline Destremps) is just what you need! 

Each module is built to be completed in a short amount of time each day (think anywhere from 30 minutes-1 hour) and contains worksheets to keep you moving along.  Each worksheet walks you through a piece of your marketing foundation and is designed to be used over and over again, whenever you need to take a step back and evaluate your marketing or make changes to your marketing strategy.

8 Modules

Day 1 - Setting Yourself Up For Success

This first module is all about doing the prep work to make this a successful experience.  This first day will be spent setting aside time for the course and creating clear goals and intentions.

Day 2 - Reviewing Your Website

In this module you will be reviewing your website for key components that will aid in the smooth operation of your entire marketing strategy.  We'll walk through taking a look at your user experience and making sure it's the best experience possible.

Day 3 - Optimizing Your Social Media

This next module is all about choosing the right social media platform for your business and fine tuning each profile to maximize it's effectiveness.

Day 4 - Creating Connections with Email Marketing

Learn how to build a relationship with your subscriber list after you've sent them that freebie.  Stop using email as just a sales promo tool and start using it more consistently in your marketing strategy to create a connection with each individual subscriber.

Day 5 - Getting Started With Digital Advertising

Once you have your website, email marketing and social media challenges working together it's time to consider digital advertising.

In this module we'll go over the different types of marketing goals you can achieve through digital advertising through Facebook and Instagram.

Handy Guide to Marketing Resources

Finish just one module and you'll get your first surprise!

Free Strategy Review with Jacqueline of Another Hand Advantage

Once you've finished all of the lessons we've got more goodies for you!

Like what you learned? Become an affiliate!

You did it, you completed all the lessons!

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